Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bora-Bora to Suwarrow Island - Day 1

We went ashore to clear out and buy some last minute fruit and a few things. We decided to have lunch out at the Mai Kai restaurant at the marina and had a really enjoyable meal and certainly the best steak in a long while!

We slipped our mooring around 1pm and headed out through the pass. Once clear of the island we set course to pass close by the neighbouring island of Maupiti under poled out jib and preventer stayed main. The wind was 20+ knots and we crossed the 25 miles in around 4 hours despite a confused sea (not unusual between the islands. Once safely past we set course for Motu One the next island to avoid and about 140 miles away. The swell was running high and we had a rolly first night and little sleep. Fairly usual for first nights!

Despite the wonderful starlit sky, we had too little comfort to sit and enjoy it. As the night progressed the wind continued to swing east and we opted to follow it round rather than rearrange the sails, poles, etc in the dark and with such a swell. Something for tomorrow!!

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