Saturday, May 12, 2012

Still In The Marquesas

We managed to paint the toe rail in Anahoe after a false start. The first morning we managed about 8ft before it rained so we have to now re varnish that section! The following day we did get the remainder done.

2 mornings we snorkelled in the bay, the coral and fish were very pretty. We spent ages watching a turtle feed and saw mantas that were about 12ft across. They are very inquisitive and swim close to us which is a little diconcerting.

One evening us, Ladybug and Knotty Lady went for a meal at the local pension on the beach where we had amazing octopus. The following evening we all had a BBQ with the owners and the guys had a jamming session. Chris from Ladybug plays the Ukulele, Dennis from Knotty Lady the guitar and the owner also played the guitar.

We left Anahoe and arrived in Taoihae which is the main town. The anchorage is big and full of boats and it's the most uncomfortable place we have stayed because the swell rolls the boat all the time. We can't wait to leave. We have re-filled our diesel which involved taking the dinghy to a tall wall, lifting the cans up to the dock, walking to the garage and then lowering them back down by rope. All while someone stayed in the dinghy to hold it off the barnacle encrusted wall and to stop it being sucked under the ledge by the swell. It took 2 trips but mission was accomplished.

There are a few shops here so we have re-stocked on Brie and got a few veggies. Although fruit is everywhere around us when we walk, buying it is difficult and expensive. We have purchased a whole stalk of bananas which is now hanging at the back of the boat waiting to ripen. We purchased some yellow fin tuna from the local fishermen at the dock yesterday, given our fishing isn't going well. As the fishermen prepare the fish they throw the waste into the sea to a crowd of sharks waiting below. Interesting to watch but you certainly need to make sure you don't fall in!

Internet access here is very slow but we have managed to sort our email account which was hijacked recently. Sorry to all of you who received an email from us with a possible virus attached.

Tomorrow we are heading a short distance to the next bay called Daniels bay. We will spend time there getting the boat ready for our sail to the Tuamotus. Hopefully the sail will take us 4-5 days as its 500 miles.

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