Monday, December 1, 2008

Still working!

Well, we have been on the water for a while and it's lots better than sitting on the hard. We are still working hard trying to get the boat ready to sail. Only the mainsail is on so far and we are still finding new problems - generator is not working this morning! We keep eliminating things and the list is going down slowly but it's often hard to get bits and there is a lot of work arounds needed. As noted previously, getting people in to sort things is a long process and even longer to get things done.

All our stuff arrived from the UK OK and thanks to the nice lady at Chaguramas customs, NO duty. This is such a relief as we had worries that it was going to be expensive. Just about found room for it all but boat is definitely sitting lower in the water!!

Friends arrive here on Thursday and we hope to have a usable boat by then. Aim is to leave for Grenada on Saturday. That will be around 80 / 90 miles and will be a long first sail but that is the nearest point to the north. Tobago is unfortunately straight in to the wind so we can only visit there coming back to drop our friends off.

More later.


Kate said...

Delighted to read things are starting to move forward for you and some of the teething problems are resolved.
Have a wonderful trip with your friends.
Love Kate x

Anonymous said...

Mike and Karen - hope you have now actually managed some sailing. Still, however stressful all the preparation work was - at least being in the warm caribbean climate will be a lot more pleasant than sitting huddled in front of the fire here in chilly old UK (currently only 3-4 or so oC)! Shall be interested to see where you celebrate Christmas day! Hope its a good one - enjoy the sailing, scenery, sunshine, food etc etc.....If you get the chance - visit Biras Creek in the BVIs - it used to be (and hopefully still is) a fantastic hotel in a great location with great food and cocktails!! Whatever else you do - Have fun and keep blogging... Happy New Year, love Jane, Tim Ellen and Charliexxx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

Tried to send a newsy e-mail but the e-mail address didn't work. Is this the only way to communicate?

Hope you had a good Christmas and wishing you the very best for the New Year.

Love, May & Andy