Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still not sorted!

Let's see?? What's happened since the last post?

Lot's of itchy mosquito bites, the riggers have started, the engine guy didn't turn up, we still haven't got a local mobile - promised but not delivered - and there has been a power cut most of the day with absolutely torrential rain this afternoon. Began to wonder if the boat would float as there was so much water!!!

Tomorrow, we will try to get the phone and decide whether or not to have a watermaker. With the pound so low against the dollar it's a lot more expensive than when we first looked at the idea. So is everything else and this may mean some difficult choices. Oh! and we will try to get the engine guy on the boat tomorrow as promised but who knows!!

One plus is that they have fixed the air conditioning in the room so that should be a lot more comfortable as long as the compound generator holds out. Hope mains power resumes soon!!

Boat is scheduled to be launched on 24/11 and can only hope we get things sorted before then.

Keep watching for our next update. Who knows maybe I can persuade Karen to do it!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mike, Karen, Hope things get better and can you stop the rain before we arrive in the area.With all the issues I know you would rather be there than here. Terry